Drag each tile to the correct box. not all tiles will be used. arrange the equations in the correct sequence to find the inverse of f(x)=y=3x/8+x


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step-by-step explanation:

option 3 . (5x + 1) - (-10x + 6)

step-by-step explanation:

option 1 :

(4x + 3) + (-9x + 4)

or 4x+3 -9x + 4

or -5x + 7

option 2

(x - 2) - (6x - 9)

or x-2-6x + 9

or -5x + 7

option 3

(5x+ + 6)

or 5x + 1 + 10x -6

or 15x -5

option 4


-7x + 2x + 7

-5x + 7

hence only option 3 did   not satisfy the given simplify expression.

Step-by-step explanation:

f(x) = y = 3x/(8 + x)   (I am assuming that the 8 + x is the denominator. Please use parentheses in the future if you forgot this. If there are no parentheses, then my solution will not work for you.)


Exchange x and y; that is, replace x by y and y by x simultaneously:


x = 3y/(8 + y).


Then use algebra to solve for y in terms of x:


(8 + y)x = 3y    (multiply both sides by the denominator to clear the fraction)

8x + xy = 3y     (distribute)

xy − 3y = −8x     (rearrange terms with all y's on the left side of the equation)

y(x − 3) = −8x    (factor out y as a common factor)

y = −8x/(x − 3)    (divide by x − 3)


Finally, replace y by f-1(x):


f-1(x) = −8x/(x − 3).


This is the inverse of f(x). It can be checked by finding f(f-1(x)) and f-1(f(x)), and verifying that both equal x after simplifying.

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