Suppose you roll two die. find the number of elements in the event space of rolling a sum of 5. a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6


step-by-step explanation:

assume that you have 3 different side lengths.   apply the pythagorean theorem here:   square each of the two shortest sides; call them a and b, so that their squares are a² and b².   also square the longest side, calling the result c².

now, if a² + b² = c² is true, the triangle is a right triangle; otherwise it is not a right triangle.

There would be 36.35 pounds


B. 4


The numbers on the first die are;


The numbers on the second die are;


The events of getting a sum of 5 are





There are four events.

The correct choice is B .

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