Which graph represents an even function?


They are symmetric on the y axis
The answer is graph a
I don’t c any graphs?
First graph represents an even function

Step-by-step explanation:

For an even function we have f(x) = f(-x)

In the given graphs let us substitute values

In first graph

            f(2) = 0

            f(-2) = 0

            So f(2) = f (-2)

            Graph is even

In second graph

            f(2) = 0

            f(-2) = 4

            So f(2) ≠ f (-2)

            Graph is not even

First graph represents an even function

An even function is one symmetrical about the line x=0, or the y axis. A function is odd if f(-x)=-f(x). Starting from the back, since it's only on the right side of x=0, this clearly isn't right. Next, since we have the U shape on the right and not on the left, this isn't the answer we're looking for. After that, this seems right with the same design on both sides of x=0. The leftmost graph is not correct due to that x=1 and x=-1 are different - they should be the same.

The second graph to the left is therefore right 

The second function represents an even function.

Step-by-step explanation:

A function g(x) is said to be even if g(x) = g(-x). All that is needed is to replace x with -x in each equation, simply it and assess whether the equation remains unchanged. If  the equation is identical to the original one then it is said to be even.

Step-by-step explanation:

The first graph (the parabola opening down) represents an even function, since this graph is symmetric with respect to the y-axis.

last graph

Step-by-step explanation:

Graphs of functions that are ODD, are symmetric about the origin.

Graphs of function that are EVEN, are symmetric about y-axis.

We need to figure out which one of the 4 are EVEN. So we take y-axis as the mirror and see both sides, LEFT and RIGHT and see i the points are symmetric or not.

Graph 1, 2, 3    not symmetric about y-axis

Graph 4    Definitely every point to left side of y-axis has a corresponding mirror point to the right of y-axis. So this is an EVEN FUNCTION.

Just took the test and the answer is C. The point is at (0,4) making it even.

The person before was wrong.

Do you know the answer?

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