Ineed on this!

which of the following is an irrational number?

a. √1
b. √9
c. √45
d. √81


i just took the test, the correct answer is .. 31.5 in.

your answer is the last one

step-by-step explanation:

divide the length of a'c' by the length of ac to get a scale factor of two

& then reflect vertically (over the y-axis)

so your answer is dilation by a scale factor of 2 followed by reflection over the y-axis

C sqrt(45) is irrational

Sqrt(1)=1 rational

Sqrt(9)=3 rational

Sqrt(81)=9 rational

Sqrt(45)=9*sqrt(5) irrational

So C sqrt(45) is the answer

Hope this helped. Have a great day!

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