What is the average of the change of f(x), represented by the table of values, over the interval [-3,2]

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Mathematics, 21.06.2019, tatibean26
the formula of a slope: [tex]m=\dfrac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1}[/tex]from a table we have[tex]x_1=-4,\ y_1=7\\\\x_2=-2,\ y_2=5[/tex]substitute: [tex]m=\dfrac{5-7}{-)}=\dfrac{-2}{2}=-1[/tex...Read More
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Mathematics, 21.06.2019, abraham1366
P = -19, Q = 18Step-by-step explanation:Px + Q = -19x + 18Px = -19x                Q = 18 ÷x     ÷x       P   = -19...Read More
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step-by-step explanation: we can use this expression to calculate the energy gain as a particle moves with a field or the energy loss as it moves against it. (note that it is also...Read More
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