Which equation can be used to find the volume of the right rectangular prisms

a) v = (10)(5)

b) v = (10)(2)

c) v = (10)(5)(2)

d) v = 10(5 + 2)2



Step-by-step explanation: i got it

(8)(6)(4) or eight times six times four

Option C.

Step-by-step explanation:

The formula for calculate the volume of a rectangular prism is shown below:


Where l is the length, w is the width and  h is the height.

The dimensions of the rigth rectangular prism shown in the image attached are:




As you can see in the formula, the volume is the product of all these dimensions. Therefore, you can conclude that the equation that can be used to find the volume of the right rectangular prism is:


C) V = (10)(5)(2)

Step-by-step explanation:

V = (10)(5)(2) To find the volume of a right rectangular prisms, multiply the length times the width times the height. -- V = lwh.

The answer is C because it’s length x width x height

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