Huong and kathyrn each day impeoved their yards by planting rose bushes and ornamental grass. they bought their supplies from the same store. huong spent $70on 14 rose bushes and 7 bunches of ornamental grass. kathyrn spent $71 on 5 rose bushes and 14 bunches of ornamebtal grasa. what is the cost of one rose bush and the cost od ine bunch of ornamental geass? ​



step-by-step explanation:

step 1 distribute 2 to every term in the parentheses

step 2 add 10 on both sides of the equal sign


it will cost 480 dollars to refurbish the larger wood floor

step-by-step explanation:

as it's a ratio of 4 that costs 384 dollars, divide the price by the ratio

384 / 4 = 96 dollars

96 dollars per unit of the ratio

now to get the price to refurbish the larger wood floor, times the price by the units

96 * 5 = 480

One rose bush = $3

One bunch of ornamental grass = $4

Step-by-step explanation:

We can set up a system of equations to solve for this. Let cost of 1 rose bush be r and cost of 1 ornamental grass be g. Thus we can form 2 equations:


We can multiply the first equation by -2 so that we can eliminate g. Thus, we have:


Thus, 1 rose bush is $3. Now plugging in r = 3 into the first original equation, we can solve for g:


Thus, 1 bunch of ornamental grass is $4.

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