Rosetta wants to write equations in the form y=mx+b for the lines passing through point p that are parallel and perpendicular to line g. first she finds the slopes of these two lines. what could she do next to find the y-intercepts?

a. substitute the slope and the coordinates of point p in y=mx+b and then solve for b for each equation.
b. multiply the slope by the x-coordinate and add the y-coordinate to the product.
c. multiply the slope by the y-coordinate and subtract the result from the x-coordinate.
d. solve the proportion m/b=y/x for b.




-34+21=-13 because when there is a negative number + a positive, all you do is add 22 into -34.

C. b = 34

Step-by-step explanation:


-b+21= -13

To solve this type of equations that only involve one variable, we have to isolate the variable at on side of the equation. So, for the given equation

We will subtract 21 from both sides


-b= -34

As the minus sign is on both sides of the equation, it will be cancelled and


So, option C is the correct answer ..


Step-by-step explanation:


Let's start solving

Cross multiply



Collect like terms



Substrate 121 from both sides


Therefore b=73a-121

Which means that b has been made the subject of formula


Step-by-step explanation:


combine like terms


get ride of ur smaller variable


subtract 13



Step-by-step explanation:

-1= 1/2 * 4 + b

-1 = 2 + b

b = -1 - 2

b = -3

(A -7C)/3 = B

Step-by-step explanation:

A= 3B + 7C

We want to get B isolated

Subtract 7C from each side

A-7C= 3B + 7C-7C

A -7C = 3B

Divide by 3 on each side

(A -7C)/3 = 3B/3

(A -7C)/3 = B

-b + 21 = -13

Move constant to the right and change the sign

-b = -13 - 21

Calculate the difference

-b = -34

Change the signs on both sides of the equation

So, b = 34

A. Substitute the slope and the coordinates of point P in y=mx+b and then solve for b for each equation.

Step-by-step explanation:

We know the equation for a line passing through a point P(x,y) is given as:

y = mx + b


m is the slope of the line.

x, y are the co-ordinates of point P.

b is the y-intercept of line on point P(x,y).

If g is the line. we find its slop m. Let's the slope 'm' is given as m = b/a

The slope of lines parallel to line g is b/a.

The slope of lines perpendicular to line g is -a/b.

Substituting the slope and and coordinates of point P and then solving for b will give us the y-intercept.

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