Ascientists makes a spherical magnets. each magnet has a radius of 1.02 cm. they are stored away in boxes of 250. calculate the volume of 250 magnets, to the nearest cubic cm. use 3.14 for pie


The answer would be 16





step-by-step explanation:

from this example, we can see that subtracting with integers is the same as adding the opposite. we can solve using a number line or by using the saying "keep, change, change" to us solve. it is important to remember that we can subtract a negative and end up with a larger number than we started with.

The volume of a sphere is given by

V = \dfrac{4}{3}\pi r^3

If we use \pi \approx 3.14, we get

V = \dfrac{4}{3}\cdot 3.14 \cdot 1.02^3 \approx 4.44 cubic centimeters

So, the volume of 250 spheres is

250\cdot 4.44 \approx 1110.73 cubic centimeters

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