Classify the triangle.


You have two choices scalene and isosceles they can be right triangles
It is an equilateral triangle since all the sides are congruent and have 60 degrees.


Step-by-step explanation:

Note the definition of each triangle:

Equilateral: For a triangle to be an Equilateral, all sides must have the same measurements.

Isosceles: For a triangle to be an Isosceles, the two leg sides must be congruent. The base can vary, but cannot equal the leg sides.

Scalene: For a triangle to be an Scalene, none of the sides can be congruent.



Step-by-step explanation:

an scalene triangle has sides of all different lengths

isosceles because only two sides are equal

1. scalene triangle

2. right triangle


using namespace std;

int main(){


   int a, b,c;

   //print the message

   cout<<"Enter the three sides of the triangle: "<<endl;

   //store in the variables


   //if-else statement for checking the conditions  

   if(a == b && b == c && a == c){

       cout<<"\nThe triangle is equilateral";

   }else if(a != b && b != c && a != c ){

       cout<<"\nThe triangle is scalene";


       cout<<"\nThe triangle is isosceles";


   return 0;



Create the main function and declare the three variables for the length of the sides of the triangle.

print the message on the screen for the user. Then the user enters the values and its store in the variables a, b, and c.

use the if-else statement for checking the conditions.

Equilateral triangle: all sides of the triangle are equal.

if condition true, print the equilateral triangle.

Scalene triangle: all sides of the triangle are not equal.

if condition true, print the Scalene triangle.

if both conditions is not true, then, the program moves to else part and print isosceles.

1. Right because of the 90º Angle (small square symbol)
2. There is only one image? #6

The correct answer is A. Scalene.

Step-by-step explanation

Unlike the isosceles triangle, which is formed by two equal sides and one unequal; and the equilateral triangle, which is formed by three equal sides. The scalene triangle is formed by 3 sides of different measures, for this reason and according to the image that shows a triangle with the left side of 3, the bottom side of 4 and the top side of 5. It can be concldued this triangle can be classified as scalene. then the correct choice is A. scalene

This is a scalene triangle

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