The probability that jim will catch fish when he goes fishing is .8. jim is going to fish 3 days next week. define the random variable x to be the number of days jim catches fish. the probability that jim will catch fish at least two days is



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What is the linear function equation represented by the graph f(x)=

i'm sorry i don't know

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the data of the detroit pistons in numerical order from least to greatest is 0.30, 0.37, 0.55, 0.62, 0.69, 0.72, 0.73, 0.75, 0.77, 0.78, 0.80, 0.81, 0.81, 0.83, 0.84, 0.89

the data of the miami heat in numerical order from least to greatest is 0.50, 0.50, 0.56, 0.57, 0.67, 0.72, 0.72, 0.72, 0.75, 0.75, 0.76, 0.81, 0.82, 0.90, 1.00, 1.00

the detroit pistons median : 1.52

the miami heat median: 1.47

the iqr of this data is 0.05

The answer would be 24mm
What is the length of the missing leg in this right triangle ?

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