Is a positive integer raised to a negative power always positive


Yes the negative exponents would only affect it by fractions. Like x^-6
is the same thing is 1/x^6. It does not affect the integer with the signs.
Yes the exponent doesn't affect the integer

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Step-by-step explanation:

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Step-by-step explanation:

Many students gets confused with these exponential problems, they often get misguided but understand that there is nothing to be confused of.

When you have a negative number, you just take the reciprocal of the whole exponent number.

What is a reciprocal?

Let's take an integer for example, let's take the number 3.

The reciprocal for 3 is (1/3)

Let's take an other number, let's take 2/3

The reciprocal for 2/3 is (3/2)

In conclusion, we just reverse the denominator and the numerator or just switch it.

We take 3 as (3/1) and that is the reason, the reciprocal would be (1/3)

Now, coming to the negative integers. Taking an example:


This would be become (1/2¹) = (1/2)

Hence, the result of a negative integer is positive but would be a fraction.

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