You spin the spinner shown below once. each sector shown has an equal area. what is p(beaver ) p(beaver)? if necessary, round your answer to 2 2 decimal places.


answer: x=3 and y=4

step-by-step explanation:

in simplified version   it would be x ≤-4

step-by-step explanation:

multiply each term in x ≤-4 by -1

correct answer is infinitely many solutions

step-by-step explanation:

2(2x + 3) = -4 + 2(2x + 5)

solving the above equation:

4x + 6 = -4 +4x +10

combining like terms

4x -4x = -4+10-6


since both sides are 0=0, we end up into true statement it means it has infinite many solutions.

so correct answer is infinitely many solutions

x= 149. 24+7=31. 180-31=149

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