My math teacher told my class to "steal" a 6th grade fraction word problem from the internet, word problems? : -p requirements: only a 1 step word problem. needs to be complex.


At rate x miles/ hour drove d miles/ 4 hours;
At rate x-10 miles / hour drove d miles/5 h

d miles = x• 4 miles first rate
d miles= (x-10)•5 miles second rate

5x-50= 4x
5x-4x= 50
X= 50 miles/h to get to the beach
50-10= 40 miles/h to get home

The only logical answer would be between 2 and 3 scoops

The answer is between 2 to 3 scoops.

Part 6) Option B $3.20

Part 7) Option C. 8,295 students

Step-by-step explanation:

Part 6)


x -----> the cost of one hamburger

y ----> the cost of one soda

we know that

7x+3y=27.95 ------> equation A

5x+4y=23.40 ----> equation B

Solve the system by graphing

Remember that the solution by graphing is the intersection point both graphs

using a graphing tool

The solution is the point (3.2,1.85)

see the attached figure N 1


The cost of one hamburger is $3.20

Part 7)


x -----> the number of students

y -----> the number of teachers

we know that

x=35y ------> equation A


x+y=8,532 -----> equation B

Solve the system by substitution

substitute equation A in equation B and solve for y



y=237 teachers

Find the value of x

x=35y ------> x=35(237)=8,295


The number of students is 8,295

With word problems!   need  with 6 &  7.

it's the first one

Step-by-step explanation:

Herе's link tо thе аnswer:

9 and a half hours. That is kind of a long time
8m board 

One piece has to be longer by two so this is what i would do:

1.  8 divided by 2 = 4 

2. so i will take two off the 4 and get 2

3. so the two pieces will be 2 and 6 

4. 2+6 = 8 

Hope this helped!

Afraction ? 2/3 - 1/3 = ?

Do you know the answer?

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