Carlos spent 1 1/4 hours doing his math homework he spent 1/4 of his time practicing his multiplication facts how many hours to carlos been practicing his multiplication facts


required rate of return = 0.166 = 16.6%

step-by-step explanation:

under the capital asset pricing model (capm), the required or expected rate of return for a particular security or asset is given using the formula:

required rate of return = risk-free rate + beta*(market risk premium)

we are given that;

risk-free rate = 4% = 0.04

beta = 1.4

market risk premium = 9% = 0.09

we simply plug these values into the above formula;

required rate of return = 0.04 + 1.4*(0.09)

required rate of return = 0.04 + 0.126

required rate of return = 0.166 = 16.6%

The answer would be a
15 minutes is the answer
Carlos spent about 18.75 minutes practicing his multiplication facts

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