Create a graph for the demand for starfish using the following data table: quantity/price of starfish quantity (x axis) of starfish in dozens price (y axis) of starfish per dozen 0 8 2 6 3 5 5 2 7 1 9 0 is the relationship between the price of starfish and the quantity demanded inverse or direct? why? how many dozens of starfish are demanded at a price of five? calculate the slope of the line between the prices of 6 (quantity of 2) and 1 (quantity of 7) per dozen. describe the line when there is a direct relationship between price and quantity.


Fragmentation followed by regeneration (asexual)

Option D, Starfish feed on mussels, so when the starfish were removed the mussels no longer had a predator and their

populations grew unchecked.


In any ecological cycle, population growth of one organism is dependent on population of interconnected organisms.

Thus, for any organism A, if the food (or the population of organism on which it feed upon) increases then the population of organism A will increase while on the other hand if the population of predator is increased the population of organism A will decreases.

Here, Starfish is a predator to mussel and thus when the population of starfish is  reduced, the population of mussels has increased.

Hence, option  D is correct

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