The point of intersection of the diagonals of a rectangle is 4 cm further away from the smaller side then from the larger side of the rectangle. the perimeter of the rectangle is equal to 56 cm. find the lengths of the sides of the rectangle. 16 points answer quick


  The rectangle is 10 cm by 18 cm.

Step-by-step explanation:

Let x represent the distance from the center of the rectangle to the longer side. Then the distance to the shorter side is x+4. The short side of the rectangle will have length 2x, and the long side will have length 2(x+4) = 2x+8.

The perimeter is twice the sum of the side lengths, so is ...

  56 = 2(2x +(2x+8)) = 8x +16

  40 = 8x . . . . . . . subtract 16

  40/8 = x = 5 . . . divide by the coefficient of x

The side lengths are 2x=10 and 2x+8 = 18 centimeters.

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