Abook store is having a 30 perscent off sale. diary of the wimpy kid books are now 6.30 dollars each what was the original price of the books


y = 3x+4

step-by-step explanation:

to find the slope

slope = (y2-y1)/ (x2-x1)

    = (-8-4)/ (-4-0)

    = -12/-4

  = 3

using the slope intercept form of a line

y= mx+b

we know the slope is 3

we know the y intercept is 4 ( the point where it crosses the y axis or x=0)

y = 3x+4

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graphically?   well, you graph them both, the solutions is where they both intersect each other, since there are two solutions, meaning they will meet twice, or namely the linear will run into the quadratic curve twice, and where they meet, those x,y coordinates are the solutions to the system.

Answer = $8.19

6.30(.30) = 1.89

6.30+1.89= 8.19

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