"which statement is necessarily true if bd is an altitude to the hypotenuse of right ? abc? a.) ? adb? ? bdc b.) ? adb~? bdc c.) abbc=acbd d.) ? bac? ? bdc"


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the answer is: the length is 5/6 yards.

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I’m going to infer you said parallel.solve for yy= -1/2x+7/4lines that are parallel have the same slope, different y intercept.so we know m is -1/2then from there solve for y intercept.

q1 a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system. a cluster is a a mash of many things.

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answer: 0step-by-step explanation: the positive, like 5, + its opposite, like -5 would be 05+(-5)=0, or 5-5=0...Read More
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