Find the length cu. the triangles are similiar.

Find the length cu. the triangles are similiar.


ok so the answer to your question is simple as long as you look at the different dimensions that contain the exemplary letters that combined in the right order give you words that eventually within the 5th dimension will conform and give you the correct answer to your question. hope i , stop looking at this easily, look at it with a spectral view.

step-by-step explanation:

told you

v = 1/3 a^2h

step-by-step explanation:

the volume is 1/3 a^2h.

CU = 117

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have similar triangles, we can use proportions.  Put the small triangle sides over the large triangle side.

WC             WD


WU             WV

26               20


36x-1             110

Using cross products

26*110 = 20* (36x-1)


2860 = 720x - 20

Add 20 to each side

2860+20 = 720x-20+20

2880 = 720x

Divide by 720

2880/720 = 720x/720


We need to find CU

CU = WU - WC

Substituting in what we know

CU = 36x-1 -26

Since we know x=4

      = 36*4 -1 -26

      144 - 27

      = 117

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