In the circle m∠acd=2x+14 and m∠abd=3x+8 what is the value of x


step-by-step explanation:

the options are kind of confusing. i can tell you what i see going on here when i look at the graph.

the class and exam medians are closely related, and it looks like the low outlier on the exam did pull the median lower. [tex][/tex]

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The value of x = 6

Step-by-step explanation:

The angle subtended on same arc are equal in measure.Here <ACD and <ABD  are on the same arc. therefore these two angle are equal.

it is given that,  m∠ACD=2x+14 and m∠ABD=3x+8

From the figure we get,

m∠ACD = m∠ABD

Therefore we can write,

2x+14 = 3x+8

3x - 2x = 14 - 8

x = 6

Therefor the value of x = 6

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