In the circle m∠acd=2x+14 and m∠abd=3x+8 what is the value of x

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A:All rational numbers are integersStep-by-step explanation:We are given that a set of numbersWe have to find not  true statement about the regarding set of numbersWe know that all...Read More
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what are you doing do you need examples of variable questions? step-by-step explanation: 5a-1=9               bring the one over the =5a=1...Read More
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Mathematics, 21.06.2019, bandnerd1
step-by-step explanation: when the line is solid: it's either < or > when the line is dashed: it's either < or > this > inequality sign means: greater thanmore th...Read More
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lol we need to see what the question is asking aboutstep-by-step explanation:...Read More
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hello, sorry being so rude after all that fighting i found it kind of funny, so as me saying sorry here is an answer! since the table showed her that   2km = determin...Read More
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