Solve the exponential equation for x

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I think you mean basically that measn yo divide that term by the previous termoka3=a1/a2=1/2a4=a3/a2=(1/2)/2=1/4a5=a4/a3=(1/4)/(1/2)=1/2a6=a5/a4=(1/2)/(1/4)=2a7=a6/a5=2/(1/2)=4a8=a...Read More
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hope it you step-by-step explanation: sin(7pi/6 - pi/3)   = sin(7pi/6 - 2pi/6)   = sin(5pi/6)   = sin(pi - pi/6)   = sin(pi/6)   = 1/2   sin 7pi/6 -...Read More
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