What formula tells the cost, in dollars, if chocolate chip cookies are $2.50/ dozen and lemon frosteds are $1.50/dozen? let c=number of dozens of chocolate chip cookies; l=number of dozens of lemon frosted; t= total charge


Idon’t know what the answer is i wish i could

option 1 is correct.

step-by-step explanation:

y varies inversely with x and constant of variation is 4

the equation will be:

y = k/x

where k =4 so,

y = 4/x

if we put values of x of option 1 in the above equation and find values of y

y = 4/-2 => y =-2

y = 4/-1 => y = -4

y = 4/1 => y = 4

y = 4/2 => y =2

so, all the values of x and y are correct.

if we put values of x given in other options and find value of y we cannot find whole table satisfying the equation.

hence option 1 is correct.

C= # of dozens chocolate chip cookies= $2.50/dozen

L= # of dozens of lemon frosted= $1.50/dozen

T= total charge

Multiply the number of dozens of chocolate chip cookies by the cost per dozen. Multiply the number of lemon frosted by the cost per dozen. Add those two together to equal the total cost.

T= ($2.50 * c) + ($1.50 * L)
T= $2.50c + $1.50L

ANSWER: T= $2.50c + $1.50L

Hope this helps! :)

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