The original price of a computer was reduced by $250. the new discounted price is $1499. if p = the computer's original price in dollars, which mathematical sentence expresses the information above?


The original price is p, it was reduced by $250 so your expression should be

The algebraic expression would be p-250
So, are you adding, multiplying, or subtracting $250 from the original price?

Step-by-step explanation:

reduced price = original price - 250 = p - 250

r = p - 250

Step-by-step explanation:

B.  p - 250

Step-by-step explanation:

Given : The original price of a computer was reduced by $250.

Then the reduced price = Original price - $250

If p = the computer's original price in dollars.

Then the reduced price = p - 250

Hence, The required algebraic expression represents the reduced priceos given by :-

p - 250

Step-by-step explanation:

The original price of a computer was reduced by $250.

The new discounted price of the computer = $1499

Let the computer's original price = p

The expression that gives information of the original price would be

p - 250 = 1499

p = 1499 + 250

p = $1749

The computer's original price was $1749.

So p - $250 = $1499 and to solve add 250 to 1499 then you will get your answer

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