as Presidents do tend to select candidates for the Supreme Court who tend toward the same views as the President.

That being said, President Trump has selected two Supreme Court justices and both have voted with liberals on the court.

Presidents hope their appointees vote the way they want them to, but it doesn't always happen that way.



The correct answer to this question is letter A. The Supreme Court is the guardian and interpreter of the American Constitution. The world and our society are in constant change, we look at our rights in a different way people looked at them in 1791. The reason that the Constitution remains relevant through time is due to the changes in the interpretations of the same text. This is the only way a text that was written many years ago continues to be relevant and updated to our modern days.

Letter B is incorrect. When the Supreme Court restricts rights listed on the Bill of Rights it happens when one right collides with another. For example the right to freedom of speech vs freedom of religion. In this case, the restriction is not because the rights are too far-reaching, it happens because of a collision between rights.

Letter C is incorrect, because of the same reason letter A is correct. The Bill of Rights has an enormous historical value and it remains valid and relevant due it’s interpretation.

Letter D is incorrect because the Supreme Court may never alter the Constitution, this is a work for the US Congress.

The correct answer is C

The correct answer is C. The President is free to ignore laws he doesn’t agree with because he is powerful.

Because of the separation of powers under the Constitution the Legislative Power, Executive Power and Judicial Power have to follow the law and respect each other’s power. Because of that, The President cannot ignore laws that the Legislative Power may pass. The checks and balances system gives the President some powers regarding this situation: The Veto Power. Nevertheless, the legislative branch can override that veto.

it is a dangerous game to play because if the president knows and treats the person well then they can get them to do whatever they wish for them to do wither it be good or bad.

but that is just my opinion so i hope that I could help a little


First, Mr. Fidelity needs to be a part of the state bar organization in the state he wishes to serve. He does not need to be a practicing lawyer, but he does need to belong to the bar. Next, he must be a United States citizen; if Mr. Fidelity was not born in the United States, that is acceptable as long as he has become a legal citizen. He must also meet the state residency and age requirements for the state in which he wishes to serve. These requirements vary by state, so he would need to find out the specific requirements for his state.


i got it wrong and it said this was the right answer s

First of all, a law degree, or Juris Doctor is required. And in order to access it, a bachelor degree (usually in a related subject, but not necessarily) is also required for admittance to law school. Candidates also need to pass their state’s bar exam.

All state judges must have previous experience practising law as attorneys. However, the specific required experience might vary depending on the state. Different states also have different regulations regarding the minimum age of a judicial candidate.

Finally, a judge cannot be involved in other political activities while serving in his position, as judges are meant to give an image of impartiality.

d. The president is free to ignore laws he doesn't agree with because he is powerful... If we are talking about the united states, and not a totalistic dictatorship.

B, C, A




the qualifications are

Qualifications: Citizen of U.S. and of Texas; age 35 to 74; and a practicing lawyer, or lawyer and judge of court of record together, for at least 10 years.

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