Republicans argued that high tariffs would


A. Allow American industries to grow

The correct answer is: allow American industries to grow.

Republicans argued that high tariffs would increase the cost of Consumer Goods In the end, every businesses are exist to gain a profit. Imposing a high tariffs will increase the cost of goods sold to the public and in order to obtain a same profit range, the only method left for the producer is by increasing the price on the market
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I believe the answer is A. allow American industries to grow 
Allow American industries to grow, farmer alliances, and postal banks to provide farmers with low interest loans.

Republicans argued that high tariff would increase the cost of the product and increase the burden on the consumer.

Further Explanation:

Republican party:

The Republican party is an American political party. It is one of the two most prominent parties of the USA; another party is a democratic party. It a  in 1874. The symbol of this party is an elephant.

The ideology of the Republican Party:

•It favors the decentralization of the government authority and reduction in the power of the government.

•It supported economic reforms of society and favors the idea of classical liberalism.

•Republican party states that government intervention in domestic affairs should be minimal, and it should focus more on foreign affairs.

•They support the Bill of Right and advocates the rights and independence to the citizens of the country.

•This party supports business, religion, and freedom of the citizens.

•Republicans favor the tax-cutting because it would decrease the burden from the citizens.

Ideology on the high tariff:

The Republican party is against the high tariff. This party is in favor of the economic reform and advocates the independence of the citizens. The increase in the tax would increase the net cost of the product, and it would increase the burden of the citizen.

Thus, republicans argued that high tariff would increase the cost of the product and increase the burden on the consumer.

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A. Allow Amercan industries to grow

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