What roles did the feudal system manor system and catholic church play in medieval life


The feudal system is when lords, kings, or conquerors gave land to their vassals in exchange for loyalty and military service. the manor system was how the lord, king, or conqueror wanted to see his lands fit and organized the places in the lands such as his house, the village, the farmlands, the meadows, etc. the catholic church served as a new role of power into the lands giving new rules and new beliefs to the people that lived on the land.
The manor system was important because people lived on feudal ground owned by rich land owners. Those people were tightly connected to the catholic church and they all swore their allegiance to the pope. The people were all religious and they worked on the land and could keep a part of what they produced but they had to give a part to the manor owner. The owner would provide protection in return.

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