Which did the monroe doctrine declare about the united states?


Did you mean what? The doctrine declared that no more European colonization would be tolerated by the u.s or puppet monarchs.

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A. it would oppose European attempts to colonize nations. 

The correct answer is A. The Monroe Doctrine was elaborated by John Quincy Adams and attributed to President James Monroe in 1823. The Doctrine reaffirms the position of the United States against European colonialism, inspired by the policy of George Washington.  

The positions of this doctrine can be summarized in three points:

- The rejection of any future European colonization in the New World.

- The abstention of the United States in the political affairs of Europe.  

- Disagreement with the intervention of Europe in the governments of the American hemisphere.

It would interfere in European conflicts.


The Monroe Doctrine wars European nations that the United States would not tolerate further colonization.

The Monroe Doctrine declared that the Americas were not to be settled/colonized.

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