Which effect of industrialization made city centers somewhat unpleasant for residents? the increased number of government buildings the lack of cultural institutions the lack of public transportation the rise of railroads and stockyards


There's was a lot of building and demolishing in city centers, for example, the smell of railroads was really bad for residents, so, like all things, industrializations has a unpleasant effect on residents.

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The rise of railroads and stockyards
One main effect of industrialization that made city-centers somewhat unpleasant was that it greatly increased the number of workers who lived in cities in order to be closer to the factories, which made the cities very cramped and unsanitary. 
One example is air pollution
In my opinion, the best answer to be chosen is the first option.

The increase of government buildings made city centers very crowded made city centers unpleasant.

Compared to the other options, it is the most unpleasant.

So I think it is the first option.
I wonder whether there would be also other options, but one very important aspect is the smog: the city center is where many industry-relevant things meet: the factories are all around it, transport, cars... and since it is surrounded by bad air, the air takes longer to dissipate. This is especially visible if the city is in a valley, such as Mexico city foe example.

The correct option would be the last one: The rise of railroads and stockyards added unpleasant smells to city centers.

One of industrialization's disadvantage is concerned with environment. It includes pollution of air, water and soil that can result in significant deterioration of quality of life and life expectancy.

Industrialization has taken on a large proportion due to trade. The fact of having consumer markets in the country and abroad associated with the development of industrial technologies has made production increase rapidly.

Of course, production needed to be stockpiled and drained. The mode of transportation was through the trains, which led to the construction of railroads to more and more near the centers, which can generate discomfort in the people.

Therefore, the fourth answer is correct (D).

The answer should be

D. The rise of railroads and stockyards

Rise of railroads and stockyards D

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