What did the american indians called the journey that led them away from their homes?


They called themselves "Lenape" Indians

the correct answer isMany died from cold and starvation, but an Indian called Squanto taught them to survive.

Some people refer to themselves as Native or Indian; most prefer to be known by their tribal affiliation — Cherokee, Pawnee, Seneca, etc




The term "Sepoy" was derived from the Persian word sepāhī, meaning "infantry soldier"


When Columbus first arrived to what would later be called America, he thought he had reached the Indian Ocean. That's why. And for centuries the name stuck and the native Americans were collectively called Indians in various European languages.

Explanation: In 1885, Indian National Congress Party had pressed for self rule within the British Empire. They felt that the British did not deliver the significant reforms promised during the war as acknowledgment of their service.



B. assimilation


this is the answer because it is what americans would call what they thought to be demands but something else to trick the indians out of their territory

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I believe it is called the trail of tears
I think the answer is "Trail of Tears". I looked it up but sorry if I got it wrong.

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