Yearly, australia wages a strong campaign to attract international tourism. international tourism directly benefits a) the culture of australia. b) the economy of australia. c) the geography of australia. d) the exploration of australia.


The economy?  thats the only answer that comes to mind, sorry if it dosent help.

Economy of the australia


The economy of Australia is a highly developed set of an economy that focuses and is estimated to be $ 1.89 trillion as of the 2019. The economy of the Australia  directly impacted by the service sector and it comprises of the 65.7% of the total GDP of the states and the tourism alone represent the 3.1 % of the economy of the Australia and has $57.2 billion and with the domestic tourism growing to about the 73% of the share of the nations GDP and it continues to employ about the 646,000 people that is 8.1% of the total workforce

the answer is b

Explanation: i had they same question

I would say the best answer is B. the economy of Australia. I would say this because Money pays for and runs the economy which you have to pay TO get to Australia. The culture of Australia doesn't need tourists to help out their culture. Australia DOESN'T need tourist to have people explore because they've already explored the place. and the geography of Australia doesn't change just because tourist come. 

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