Asap plz need first to gets brainest

Asap plz need first to gets brainest


Neither median means in the middle unless u start from highest to lowest and cancel out letters
Krushchev is the answer.
Krushchev is the answer
B enlarged i just finished
A. Area = c^2
B. Area = 1/2 (a * b)
C. Area = 2ab + c^2

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➴ The correct answer is C. Start at 0. Nine is 9 units to the right of 0. Count 9 units to the left of 0.

C is correct because right is positive and left is negative. The opposite of 9 is -9 so we'd have to go to the left because we are counting down.

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The product as a power is 0.027=(0.3)^3

Step-by-step explanation:

Given : Expression 0.027\ m^3

To find : Rewrite the product as a power ?

Solution :

Expression 0.027\ m^3


0.027=\frac{3\times 3\times 3}{10\times 10\times 10}

0.027=\frac{3}{10}\times \frac{3}{10}\times \frac{3}{10}

0.027=0.3\times 0.3\times 0.3


Therefore, the product as a power is 0.027=(0.3)^3

(0.3m )³

note that 0.3 × 0.3 × 0.3  = 0.027, hence

0.027m³ = (0.03m)³

2,009,574= 2,000,000 and 2,649,656 = 2,600,000 so the difference is 600,000. The correct answer is C
The answer's are -

1. B.

2. C.

3. A.

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