During the 1970s, the weathermen sought to overthrow the the u. s. government and establish a communist state. they used riots, bombings, and jailbreaks to draw attention to their cause. what form of terrorism does this description represent?


The answer is letter D, they are deemed left wing or Marxist–Leninist terrorism or revolutionary terrorism because the group wants to bring about change through  a violent revolution rather than through establishing political processes and peace talks. The kind of terrorism often attacks government and civilians are also included in their targets.

The appropriate response is “D, they are left wing" terrorism description.

Marxist– Leninist terrorism or progressive psychological oppression in light of the fact that the gathering needs to achieve change through a vicious transformation instead of through building up political procedures and peace talks. The sort of terrorism regularly assaults government and regular people are likewise incorporated into their objectives.

This incident would be defined as Left-Wing terrorism, as the Weathermen desired to overthrow the government through a violent revolution.

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