Germany was reunified in? what year


Accordingly, on Unification Day, 3 October 1990, the German Democratic Republic ceased to exist, and five new Federal States on its former territory joined the Federal Republic of Germany. East and West Berlin were reunited and joined the Federal Republic as a full-fledged Federal City-State.

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Plato answer..

Fewer people fled to East Germany

ANSWER: The Berlin wall was constructed

Germany is among the five largest economies today.

Germany was reunified under a democratic government

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How did the collapse of the soviet union impact germany?  germany removed their capitalist leaders a

Germany was reunified in the 1990's

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PleaseCAN SOMEONE ANSWER JUST ONE OF THESE AT All!! 1. What was one achievement in the fight for women’s rights?

the elimination of the wage gap

the passage of equal treatment in the workplace

the end of all workplace discrimination

the increase in access in politics and government

2.Why did the number of protests increase toward the end of the Vietnam War? Select TWO options.

rising number of American combat deaths

increasing number of US troops sent to Vietnam

more training programs for South Vietnamese troops

involvement in the fight against the spread of communism

withdrawal of American troops prior to South Vietnamese victory

1. B

2. A.


They were reunitied in 1990 I believe
They were reunitied in 1990 I believe
I believe the answer is 1990. If you are not sure about my answer just google it.
I believe the answer is 1990. If you are not sure about my answer just google it.

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