What is unique about the ethiopian churches that were constructed during lalibela’s reign?
they were all painted green.
they were hidden in the rain forest.
they were never used.
they were carved out of solid rock.


Yes, some people used the depression to the max. not everybody had stocks, and those that didn't bought many things inexpensive, so that when prices rose again, they were much more richer than beforehope this

i think it’s will be a yes

b. major john c. frémont led a rebellion called the bear flag revolt.


during the bear flag revolt, from june to july 1846, a small group of american settlers in california rebelled against the mexican government and proclaimed california an independent republic. the republic was short-lived because soon after the bear flag was raised, the u.s. military began occupying california, which went on to join the union in 1850. the bear flag became the official state flag in 1911.

The native americans, spanish, french and americans all name places in our state. the word “arkansas” came from the quapaw indians, by way of early french explorers. at the time of the early french exploration, a tribe of indians, the quapaws, lived west of the mississippi and north of the arkansas river.

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