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step-by-step explanation:

the formula for area of a circle is given by

a = pi * r^2

a = pi * 9^2

a = 81*pi

using 3.14 as an approximation for pi

a = 3.14*81

a = 254.34

What is the area of this circle use 3.14 81 243.06 254.34 300

well this is going to be a long answer lol ok so the visigoths were a branch of the goths who frequently raided rome, uh the hunas attacked the guptas a lot and weakened them, uuhm of course the romans used math and science in there every day lives i mean they had a whole empire to run, and rome was split into east and west by a general named diocletian. hope this you! : )

Match each description to the correct empire
No one knows what you are talking about

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