Iknow this is alot but if you answer right, i'll give you 25 points, and brainliest answer. be :

using your knowledge of how amendments are added to the united states constitution, write an essay in which you propose either that the process for adding amendments should be simplified or that the process should remain as it is now. remember to support your arguments with facts and logical reasoning.


I can help you with 8? it would be, 0.05, then 0.5 then 5/8. hope that helps to give you and idea for the rest!

we know that

applying the Pythagoras Theorem



c=14 ft

a=8 ft

b=12 ft

case a)


c²=a²+b²  C is a right angle 

case b) 


c²< (a²+b²)  C is an acute angle 

case c) 


c² > (a²+b²)  C is an obtuse angle 

c²=14²  196

(a²+b²)=8²+12²  208

196 < 208

c² < (a²+b²)   C is an acute angle 

the answer is the option

C. a quadrilateral, because angle C and angle X are acute

hope thus helps lol

Most likely D, not sure if I am correct, this might not help

Step-by-step explanation:

In order to find the inverse of an equation, we first swap x and y. Then, we solve for y in the new equation.

y=x^2-5\\x=y^2-5\\x+5=y^2\\±\sqrt{x+5} =y

Ignore the A with a caret above it in the front, I don't know why it is there. I am not sure if I am correct, as I have only just completed Algebra 1 so I do not have good knowledge on mathematics.

I think its C.

Step-by-step explanation:


19. The Habitat consists of a single species, the zone around the plant is free from most organisms, surrounded by weak or sickly plants.

20. Uniform distribution of single species since growth of other species would be inhibited. The single species would also be distributed from each other in equal or clumped intervals

21. No competition as all the surrounding plants have been inhibited. They can maximize use of all the nutrients effectively from the soil.

22. The other plants would be inhibited and there would be a loss of bio-diversity around the plant. There would be a growth of a single species.

23. Evolution only occurs due to competition and scarse resources. Because of allelopathy there is no competition so it would be unlikely that the species would evolve over time.

24. This can be used to suppress the growth of unwanted plants like weeds etc.

the answer is A, an adverbial clause

Explanation: it is an adverbial clause of time modifying the verb in the sentence.

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