Why was phillis wheatley a patriot?


B. to explain how Phillis became an accomplished writer


John Wheatley's letter to the publisher of Phillis Wheatley's poems was to explain how Phillis became an accomplished writer.

His letter was descriptive of how far Phillis had come as a writer, how she learned English, a foreign language, and how she became proficient in writing at such a short time.

Below is an excerpt of the letter:

"...without any assistance from school education, and by only what she was taught in the family, she, in eighteen months’ time from her arrival, attained the English language, to which she was an utter stranger before, to such a degree as to read any..."

5.) order

6.) Lose not time, always be employed in something useful.

7.) temperance

8.) order

9.) 13

10.)"Imitate Jesus and Socrates"

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5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


1. The correct answer here is a literary movement. They consists of number of different authors who write about similar topics and in similar forms. Literary movements are used to chronicle the history of literature and they are used to denote a literary movement which was dominant during a certain period in history.This does not mean that people stopped writing in the forms and about the themes of a particular movement but only that another one gained the spotlight.
2. The correct answer here is American romanticism. This movement along with Transcendentalism and the American Gothic were dominant from 1800-1865. The main theme of romanticism was individuality and idealism with the feelings as the dominant expression. Individual freedom was of paramount importance.
3. The correct answer here is the American Revolution. Paine's pamphlet title the Common Sense was a revolution in itself. Before it was written country was divided between those who wanted the independence, those who wanted to remain a part of the United Kingdom and those who were undecided. Paine's Common Sense convinced most of the undecided group that the independence is the way to go.
4. The correct answer is Walt Whitman. One of the most beloved of American authors and poets Whitman was known for his free verse poems. His maybe most celebrated collection is Leaves of Grass which is made of the poems written in the free verse.
5. The correct answer here is Olaudah Equiano and William Bradford. They both were from England but Bradford was a Puritan who to escape persecution came to the United States And Equiano was a freed slave that supported the end of slavery,
6. The correct answer here is A. Realism and Romanticism. Ambrose Bierce is a realist writer while Poe is a romanticist. These two authors are compared because both of the wrote short stories that are chilling and unsettling and some might even classify them as horror.
7.The correct answer here is Meter. Meter is a rhythmic structure that is a basic rhythmic structure that can be found in either a line of verse or in the whole verse. The study of meter, as well as of versification is called prosody. Meter is very important to poetry in general.
8. The correct answer here is the first one. According to Fred Veilleux the Native American mascots are really nothing more than stereotypes of Native Americans and their use is by many sports teams and organizations for him is really disrespectful of Native American culture and tradition.
9.Here as the questions says it you can pick any answer because not a single one of them fits the question. This story by Nathaniel Hawthorne is seen as an allegory about the Calvinist and Puritan belief that man's nature is sinful and depraved.
10.Here the correct answers would be:
-Phillis Wheatley's poetry is a part of the early American and Colonial Literature and she was the first African-American female writer to ever be published. She lived from 1753-1784 and even George Washington,among other prominent figures, praised her poetry. So the answer is A.
-Mark Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" is a part of the American Regionalism literary movement. The story is focused on a single part of a country and Mark Twain uses distinct features of the region in order to tell his story. He even uses an authentic dialect to give a sense of realism to this intriguing story. The answer is here then E.
-Walt Whitman's poetry is an example of the American Romanticism. Walt Whitman is one the most important figures of this movement.He wrote as we said in free verse and people give him credit for creating and unique American style with simple language that was accessible to all. That's why it is said that his poetry is very democratic. The answer here is then B.
-Henry David Thoreau's Walden is a part of the Transcendentalist movement. This movement and Walden itself are characterized by the advocacy of self-reliance and individuality. They greatly appreciated nature and believed we are all a part of it. So the answer is C.
- Trickster tales and creation stories are a part of Early American and Colonial literature. These are the stories of the Native Americans and they represent an unique cultural heritage, not only of the Native Americans but of the whole region. They consists of various myths, legends and creation stories which are fascinating even today. So the answer is A.
Because She belived that she was going to get a better job being a patriot than being a loyalist

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