Women and children were not allowed to work in factories because of the poor conditions.


answer: an oligarchy is a political system in which the government is run by a group of noble families, or the elite wealthy members of a society. a present day oligarchic government is iran.


the recent bombing of the uss cole is one of many incidents of terrorism directed against the united states. more than 40 percent of the world’s terrorism is directed against u.s. targets.   pursue the alleged perpetrators through the criminal justice system, and still others would beef up intelligence capabilities. to deal with potential attacks involving weapons of mass destruction, some analysts advocate extending the reach of law enforcement agencies or spending more on domestic preparedness programs; others would encourage a policy of u.s. military restraint overseas to attempt to reduce the motivation for terrorist attacks on u.s. targets.

Her answer is actually wrong. Women and children were working in the factories even with poor conditions. It was not unheard of of a child to end up losing a finger. Women and children all worked in factories. The conditions did not stop them. So false.


If you would like further background information get it out of this history book that we just went over ( im a junior in highschool ) this book is called united states history the twentieth century california its on page 90 1.3 the organized labor movement.

I think the statement is true. Women and children were not allowed to work in factories because of the poor conditions. This is to protect women and children since they are very vulnerable. Hope this answers the question. Have a nice day.

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