What event began the norman conquest?

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The native americans, spanish, french and americans all name places in our state. the word “arkansas” came from the quapaw indians, by way of early french explorers. at the time o...Read More
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c explanation: i am pretty sure hopefully just you...Read More
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the answer as multiple choice is c africa, the second-largest continent, is bounded by the mediterranean sea, the red sea, the indian ocean, and the atlantic ocean. it is divided i...Read More
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Because in a time when hand-carried cards were the only form of communication, good roads made sending and receiving messages much faster (or rather, a lot less slow). Sending mess...Read More
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For the first question, your answer would be d) the stamp act, the intolerable acts, the boston massacre and the boston tea partyall of these things happened during the american re...Read More
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