Based on what you read in the Kennedy and the Cold War notes compose a well-written paragraph by the sentence explaining how both Bay of Pigs Berlin crisis and Cuban Missile Crisis illustrate the dangers of the Cold War.​


Typically, a simple way to think of an input is anything that costs money. These can be both good and bad things. A simple example would be: if I had a machine that made candy: my inputs would be the energy required to run the machine, the person required to work the machine, and the ingredients I had to put in to make the candy. My outputs might be the candy the machine made and the happiness it gave to people who ate it. A negative output might be that it made people unhealthy. 

As an internet company eBay does not have many of the typical inputs of doing business. For example, it does NOT have the cost of physical stores nor does it have the cost of depreciating inventory or any machines. For eBay, some examples of inputs would be it's people such as software engineers, marketing team, and executive staff. All overhead such as office space and the electricity to power its office space would be another example. Other examples could include the physical code behind eBay's software and money used to finance the company, and the data warehouses used to store everything. 

Outputs can be thought of as the value a company creates. eBay's outputs are also somewhat atypical. eBay does not create a physical product that they then sell so that makes this a challenging question. You could argue that eBay's store or its platform is an output. All the data it produces as a company is an output and has a lot of value. Since eBay allows people across the world to open up their own store online, you could say it's creating the social good of jobs or entrepreneurship "global employment" through this action (eBay has supported this publicly as well so you could look up more about it on Google). Another output could be eBay stores created by sellers. eBay owns PayPal so if you can think of any related to PayPal you could include those as well and cite that eBay owns the company. 

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The individuals who couldn't help contradicting the Puritan convictions or conflicted with the Church of England were restricted from the settlement and soon began different states who had religious flexibility. 
The Puritans trusted that God had shaped a one of a kind pledge, or understanding, with them. They trusted that God anticipated that them would live as per the Scriptures, to change the Anglican Church, and to set a decent illustration that would cause the individuals who had stayed in England to change their evil ways.
On April 17, 1961, 1,400 cuban exiles launched what became a botched invasian at the Bay of pigs on the south coast of Cuba. in 1959, Fidel Castro came to power in a armed revolt that overthrew Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista

She challenged gender roles and Puritan orthodoxy.


Anne Hutchinson was banished from Massachusetts because of her beliefs which were believed to be heretic according to Puritan orthodoxy.

She was born in England and later became a follower of John Cotton who taught that people are directly responsible to God  and not the church. When she moved to Massachusetts, she held religious meetings where she disagreed with many of the Puritan doctrines.

Her gender as a woman also served to infuriate the Puritan leaders who ruled the colony and in 1637, she was put on trial, convicted and banished for her religious beliefs.

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Bay of Pigs: Cuba's alliance with the Soviets concerned many Americans. Fearing the Soviets would use Cuba as a base to spread a revolution, President Eisenhower authorized the CIA to train and arm a group known as "La Brigada". Kennedy became president and gave the Brigada the orders to attack. The attack went horribly. The Bay of Pigs made the US look weak and disorganized. Cuban Missile Crisis: Spy planes showed evidence that the Soviets placed long-range missiles in Cuba. A naval blockade was set up around Cuba immediately. The US and Soviets agreed to a treaty that banned testing nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. The missile crisis caused the Soviets to build up their arms which became equal to the Americas in the 1980s. Berlin Wall: Soviet leader Khrushchev wanted to stop the flood of Germans pouring out of Communist East Germany into West Berlin. Kennedy stated his loyalty to West Berlin which caused the Berlin Wall to be built.


Kennedy responded by placing a naval blockade, which he referred to as a "quarantine," around Cuba. He also demanded the removal of the missiles and the destruction of the sites.

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