What is the role of the president's chief of staff?


The President is the head of state and also a diplomat and the top administrator.  He cannot, however, justify cases brought to the Supreme Court.  That job would go to the Chief Justice, who currently is John Roberts (as of 2015).
The president is all of the following except Chief Justice. 

Chief Justice is the head of the United States federal court, and currently it's John G. Roberts, Jr.
The president cannot be chief justice - this would be a breach of the separation of powers. Chief Justice is a member of the judicial branch of the government; and the president is the head of the executive branch of the government, so they should not be the same person - the answer is d)
The answer isc. Commander in chief
The answer is A. Chief Justice

All three other options are the role of the president, but the chief justice and the president can't be the same person.

The only possible reason a president could also held a position as a chief justice is if you;re living in a dictator country like north korea.

This shows that the president of the united states is not immune to the laws

Chief Diplomat


1.Chief Diplomat

2.Commander in Chief

3.Party Leader of their political party

Explanation: the president serves all of these roles. The chief justice is appointed by him but not actually him.

The correct answer is:

A. To manage the executive office of the president and advise the president


The President's Chief of Staff is the leader of the Executive Office of the President, this position was created by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1939.

The President's Chief of Staff role is to act as an Assistant to the President, to select and supervise the staff in the Executive Office (White House), to select the information flow that gets to President's desk, as well as who gets to speak with him, to manage the daily activities of the President, to give advice and to protect the interests of the President.

I know this is late but i think the answer is A

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