Cartels, monopolies, trusts, and horizontal and vertical integration all share the goal of
a) driving up costs.
b) raising wages
c) increasing profits
d) combining resources
which of the following was a step by the federal government to limit the power of corporation?
a) social darwinism
b) lassiez-fair
c) sherman antitrust act
d) horizontal integration
which argument supports the perception of big business leaders as “captains of industry”?
a) workers’ wages rose as industrialists profited.
b) consumers were harmed by inflated prices.
c) monopolies forced small companies out of business.
d) industrialists’ support for technology benefited the economy.


Cartels, monopolies, trusts, and horizontal and vertical integration all share the goal of C) increasing profits. These are all measures that a business or a group of businesses can engage in to help to increase revenues and ultimately to increase profits. 
1. c) Increasing profits
2. c) Sherman Antitrust Act
3. D) Industrialists’ support for technology benefited the economy.
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