In the past it was known that black people were enslaved. Please read the rest of this. I have heard black people say that they want white people to be enslaved as a form of tasting their own medicine. However, history has actually shown that white people were ALSO enslaved. Even though the world has smudged it out of history books, there were black people with WHITE slaves... So why do those people want MORE slavery?

In the past it was known that black people were enslaved. Please read the rest of this.

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Ibelieve the answer is c
“in fact, mississippi was the only state to reject the amendment. the 24th amendment also gave congress power to enforce it. a year and a half later on august 6, 1965, the voting rights act was enacted and banned poll taxes in all u.s. elections.”

wow thanks for telling me, I actually didnt know that.

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