Describe the recent attempts to move the Republican Party further to the right. How successful have these attempts been? What are the implications for governing when the political parties have become more extreme in their policy preferences and ideological beliefs?


1(a) traditional methods of production are upheld.

2(d) to convert private property to state-owned property

3b) feudalism

5(a) question

6(c) to preserve the past

7(d) the opportunity to make a profit

8(b) get paid by the government

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Assemblies do not have written codes of laws. laws are matters for magistrates and courts, not assemblies. codes of law are things such as civil law, criminal law, and constitutional law. what assemblies have are procedures regarding debating, voting and other business they might carry out.  also note that rome had three assemblies: the assembly of the soldiers, the assembly of the tribes, and the plebeian councils.
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