Are there any environmental concerns with the use of Helium?


unbeknownst to the slave-ship captains, the daily dancing and exercise regime and vernacular dance are also derived from america's african-based slave legacy. both are african-american cuisines from the slavery era.


native americans

american indians have appeared on many u.s. coins including the buffalo nickel

benjamin franklin learned a lot about democracy by observing the iroquois indian

the term "indian" originated with christopher columbus. he thought that he had reached the east indies when he landed in america and therefore named the inhabitants indians.


camping can relieve stress and depression

your campfire may be a hazard

long-term campsites include permanent and semi-permanent setups and can lead to closer relationships with neighboring campers


buffalo are herbivores and feed on about 60 pounds of plant material and grasses a day.

buffalo are considered to be an adult when they reach 3 years old.

buffalo’s tail can be almost three feet long, and they use it to swap at pesky bugs.


Explanation:Helium is described as truly inert, because it does not form stable compounds with other substances under any conditions. ... Helium is a natural, inert gas. Most helium is found in natural gas fields. We can extract helium from rich natural gas fields and use it safely without harming the environment. i hope this helped you~! <\3

A quick and simple answer no, it is not. The gas is so light it dissipates quickly and escapes into space.


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