Simon has a poster with a margin of 1 inch on all sides. The printed area is 25 square inches. He wants to determine the area of the entire poster including the margin. His work is shown. in2= 5 in 5 (side) + 1 (margin) = 6 inches Poster area = 62 = 36 in2 Which of the follow statements about Simon’s calculations are true? Check all that apply. Simon did not calculate the correct area of the poster. Simon calculated the correct area of the poster. Simon needed to find the perfect square of 7 to find the poster’s area. Simon needed to multiply 7 by itself to find the correct area. Simon needed to multiply 6 by itself to find the correct area.


the wants of children today than in colonial times are very different. as well as the roles. children now have electronics such as phones, tablets, tvs, etc. back then, kids didn’t have electronics. in the colonial times, children were expected to their parents in their work. but now, children are expected to go to school.

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an interest group is an organization whose members share common concerns, and try to influence government policies that impact those concerns. elected officials frequently complain about the influence of "special interests" on american politics.

the three roles stated in the dialogue develop the siblings' personalities.

lloyd's personality looks like a trademarketer

dana's personality is afraid from lloyd's behavior and the oldest sister is a decided person who tries to solve any conflict


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Which two phases best describe the underlying objectives of president wilsons fourteen points<

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