Followers of sikhism and followers of hinduism would likely agree on which of these statements?
a. believers should follow the ten commandments.
b. a person’s soul enters a new body after death.
c. muhammad is the prophet of allah.
d. there are many gods and goddesses.


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A person’s soul enters a new body after death.



Option  A person’s soul enters a new body after death.


The Hindus believe in a principle called Nirvana. This is a reincarnation of a person's soul or animal's soul into a new body. In other words, they believe that a person's spirit does not die. Instead, it enters a new body and continues to live. For example, when a person dies, the spirit continues in the afterlife and lives inside a new body, say a rabbit. In this way, they religious adherents have a high regard for human and animal life.

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