Interpret which way hitler violated the treaty of versailles


He increased the size of his military.

The Treaty of Versailles, made at the end of the first world war, indicates that Germany (among the losers of the war) should not increase the size of his military. Hitler violated this treaty, increasing the size of the army in preparation for the invasion of Poland and for internal purpose.

Hitler violated the treaty by rearming the military.

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The Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 after WWI, by the victorious allied powers and Germany. Germany was considered guilty for all the losses beared due to the conflict and oblied, through this treaty, to pay economic reparations to some of the victorious Entente powers.  

Germany was also forced to delimitarize and to keep its armed forces and weapon production at a minimum, to guarantee that they were uncapable of undertaking an offensive action again.

When the nazi party and Hitler oficially arrived to power in 1933, they ignored the provisions of the treaty and started to equip the German army again.  Germany left the League of Nations, reactivated the conscription system for recruitment, opened a rearmament programme, revealed to the world its air force and created a naval fleet.

The military reorganization of the German army


The are several facts that demonstrated how Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles. Nevertheless, were the belicist intentions which detonated the concerns of the international community.

Hitler reorganized the military industry, and violated the military constraints imposed by the winners of the WWI. To build a stronger army was a necessary condition for the later invasion of Poland and France.

The correct answer is: "By increasing the military and taking land away from other countries"

One of the basics of the nazi ideology was that they believed in the superiority of the Aryan German race and that they sought to create a large empire, to ensure that this race had the appropiate "living space"dimenssions, acording to its prestige. This is why, under the nazi leadership, Germany started to annex territories from neighbour European countries.

Moreover, Germany broke the demilitarization conditions and started to produce weapons and to rebuild its army.

The Treaty of Versailles hasd been signed in 1919 after WWI, by the victorious Allied powers and Germany, which was blamed for all the losses suffered during the conflict, forced to demilitarize, lost many territories and was forced to pay economic war reparations to the winners.

The correct answer is option A

Reason -

As a violation of Treaty of Versailles, The Nazi army of Hitler was trained and equipped in a way similar to paramilitary force. Not only this, army size was increase (augmented) and the force  was also well prepared to include them into War military reserve forces which was prohibited under the treaty. The army forces grew tremendously and were a potential threat to the state.  

The correct answer is B. Rearming the military.


The Treaty of Versailles is an agreement signed by the winning powers of the First World War, in this, one of the matters that was an agreed was the disarmament of Germany, who was blamed for having started the war and had been forced to pay the damage caused by it. Later, during the thirties, Adolf Hitler violated the agreements by forming an armed army, because they had aroused in many Germans the feeling of humiliation (including him). So, the correct answer is B. Rearming the military.

The correct answer is 2.

The Treaty of Versailles was one of the most important treaties signed at the end of WWI, in 1919, by the victorious Allied Powers (UK, US and France) and Germany.

The treaty was based on the fact that the whole responsibility for the losses and damages caused was attributed to Germany and its allies. Germany was forced to acknowledge this viewpoint. Moreover important economic and military sanctions were imposed on Germany: payment of war reparations (economic fines) and dismantling of its armed forces.

Therefore, when Hitler started to regenerate the German army during the 1930s he broke the provisions of the treaty.

(A) By increasing the military and taking land away from other countries

Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles in a number of ways.

Firstly, he began rearmament in 1935. Under the Treaty of Versailles Germany's military was limited to 100,000 men, but between 1933 and 1939 the German army increased from 100,000 men to 500,000. He also said that Germany was going to build up an airforce of over 2500 aircraft and expand their navy, thus the creation of the Luftwaffe broke the terms laid out by the Treaty of Versailles. 

Expanding the navy was achieved by convincing Britain to sign the Anglo-German Naval Agreement which allowed Germany to build up its fleet to 35% of the size of the Royal Navy which had been forbidden under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.

As part of his plan for rearmament he introduced conscription, increasing the size of the army. Although this is part of the same point, some exam boards allow points for both answers.

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