In 1664, the dutch surrendered new netherland to the


The chief occupation of the Dutch in New Netherland and the major purpose of the colony was to enter into the North American fur trade (A). 
New Netherland did not win over Holland through force. From the year 1664 to 1673, Nieuw Amsterdam was in New York, however, in that year it ended up plainly Dutch yet again, this time under the name Nieuw Oranje, `New Orange.' The Anglo-Dutch war was finished by the Treaty of Westminster of 1674.
Holland did not lose New Netherland through force. Nieuw Amsterdam was New York from 1664 to 1673, but in that year it became Dutch once more, this time under the name Nieuw Oranje, `New Orange.' ... The Anglo-Dutch war was ended by the Treaty of Westminster of 1674.

The correct answer is D) English.

In 1664, the Dutch surrendered New Netherland to the English.

The Dutch were more interested in the fur trade than in establishing permanent settlements in the North American territory. They arrived at  Hudson Harbor and occupy some parts of what today is Manhattan. But on August 27, 1644, Colonell Richard Nichols led the ships that took him to New Amsterdam (today New York City). When arriving, he demanded the surrender of the territory to the English monarchy. Peter Stuyvesant was the leader in New Amsterdam but had no weapons to defend the place and indeed surrendered.

The chief occupation of the Dutch in New Netherland was:

the fur trade

the chief occupation of the dutch in new netherland was the fur trade

the British


On August 27, 1664, a fleet of four British warships under the command of Colonel Richard Nicolls sailed into the harbor of New Amsterdam (present-day New York City) and demanded that Peter Stuyvesant, the director-general of the Dutch colony of New Netherland, surrender the colony to the British.

12. c. the trials have been proven by historians to be legitimate

13. a. Its original charter was taken away and it became a royal colony.

14. control over the majority of the Atlantic coast.

15. a. More than 10 million slaves from Africa made the voyage across the Atlantic on this route.

16. b. new england

17. b. it encouraged the belief that people should be able to choose a form of government

18. b. it relied on slaves to produce labor intensive cash crops such as rice and tobacco.

They surrendered New Amsterdam to the British
They surrendered New Amsterdam to the British

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